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Eritrea Email List
13.01.2019, 12:51
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Eritrea Email List
Have you ever been in a situation Eritrea Email List where you were trying to get something resolved by a customer service representative and felt like you had just walked into some alternate universe, perhaps a Salvador Dali like painting, where it just seems that no matter what the reality is the customer service sees things upside-down?

This happened to me the last week in dealing with a large airline. I had booked a flight, and when picking seats I noticed that the emergency exit row, which is usually a premium seat, was being offered as a "complimentary standard seat." Woohoo!

On a long flight, that is akin to winning the lottery, particularly given I have very long legs. So I went and picked my seat, a pop-up asked me that standard questions like am I over 12 years of age (I answered yes) and I was done, or so I thought. When I got my e-ticket, it stated that my seat could not be confirmed. Hmmm. I figured I had done something wrong, so I went back to the website, tried again and ended up with the "your seat couldn't be confirmed" e-ticket.
Great sources of info include Tourist Information Offices (although, where available, they vary immensely in quality), What's On guides, local newspapers, handouts, fliers, and, of course, fellow travelers, to name but a few. Spending less time in the well known and 'popular' hangouts will also do your budget a big favor, too.
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Keep a Journal - Writing reams of pulp isn't for everyone, but it doesn't have to be that way. A journal can mean many different things to different people. It could be a full scale daily diary or simply a child's notebook from the market in which you put labels from local beer bottles (possibly with drunken scribblings below) - the choice is yours. For the geeks among us (me included) there is the option to travel blog, and for the lazy geeks among us (again, me included) it's even easier to cut and paste excerpts from emails home to friends and family and keep those as your journal.

Whatever form your personal creation may take, the end result is the same. Long after your memory has faded there will be this well thumbed Opus, this testimony of your travels, waiting to take you once more through this wonderful chapter of your life.

Freelance travel writer and fanatical backpacker Nathan Richards wants nothing more than to inspire and encourage others to satisfy their wanderlust.
Be a One Bag Wonder - Travel light, travel happy. Cut down on your belongings and life will become so much simpler. Firstly, it makes the mechanics of getting from A to B easier and less stressful. Easier because it's less weight to be humping around between transport and accommodation and also less size and weight to be swinging around within the confines of a densely populated bus. It becomes less stressful because the smaller your luggage is, the less likely it is that you will be separated from it during journeys- and, judging everybody else by my own pitifully low standards, the less there is of it to forget or lose! In addition, it's more likely you will be let on an already packed out bus if you have less baggage. This doesn't ring true in Guatemala however, as you can always fit one more person on the bus, no matter how full it already is.
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